30 Second Review – Avatar Farm Online (XBLIG)

Brought to you from the same Indie Studio that created White Noise, is the thrilling and damn right exciting game called… err, Avatar Farm Online? Really what have I been drinking? I mean, look at it… it’s a farm, you plant things, and then they grow. Nuff said really!

Hey, what’s this? An online mode so that other people can come to your farm and plant things… wow, I’m sold!

Okay, enough of the roasting, this game fills a need for those Xbox gamers who for some reason can’t get access to Facebook to play the variety of clones available out there, or for those gamers who really want to have a farm but hate the mess and waiting round for things to happen.

Is it worth 80 MSP? If you have a fetish for wellies and an unhealthy obsession with cows then yes. If you are a gamer that craves getting down and dirty, then yes. If you want to blow things up as quickly as possible then… err, no?

– Myk (t:@myklewis xblgt:paganpenguin)

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