30 Second Review – Halo 4 (XBOX360)

If taking control of a sci-fi super soldier who is solely responsible for saving all our backsides from an ancient threat is your cup of tea then this is THE GAME for you.

Big explosions? – check!

Lots of loud guns? – check!

Challenging enemy AI? – check!

Great graphics? – check!

Great music? – check!

Lots of pre-pubescent kids handing you your backside every time you player Slayer? – check, check, check!

Really, what more do you want from a Halo title?

Story? What do you mean you want a story? Why? Feel like crying a bit during the end of the game? Well good news folks, as Halo 4 actually contains a well defined story (although contrived but really, it’s a FPS for flibble’s sake) and even this hardened gamer had a tear in his eye (actually it was a piece of dirt and I’m sticking with that).

Halo’s first post-Bungie affair is a wonderful and thrilling time, 343 Industries have created the perfect swansong for the ageing Xbox 360… perhaps one year too early?

– Myk (t:@myklewis xblgt:paganpenguin)

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