30 Second Review – Halo 4 (XBOX360)

If taking control of a sci-fi super soldier who is solely responsible for saving all our backsides from an ancient threat is your cup of tea then this is THE GAME for you. Big explosions? – check! Lots of loud guns? – check! Challenging enemy AI? – check! Great graphics? – check! Great music? – check! […]

30 Second Review – Avatar Farm Online (XBLIG)

Brought to you from the same Indie Studio that created White Noise, is the thrilling and damn right exciting game called… err, Avatar Farm Online? Really what have I been drinking? I mean, look at it… it’s a farm, you plant things, and then they grow. Nuff said really! Hey, what’s this? An online mode […]

30 Second Review – White Noise (XBLIG)

Anyone tried out the White Noise – A Tale of Terror Indie game? Well, as some of you might know a certain free PC Indie game called Slender scared me to bits last summer and I have been waiting for something along those lines to make me change my pants while sitting in front of […]


It’s been a while, not quite an ice age, more than the average length of a modern ‘AAA’ game, but my dreams of becoming the next best thing in the gaming business are finally back on track. To a degree that is… I have previously wrote about my fledgling foray into game creation with DIY, Why […]

2013 Here we come!

I don’t make New Years resolutions. No point because they always end badly. Normally about thirty seconds after they are mentioned, often due to excess alcohol (i.e. I’m going to cut back on the booze… tomorrow that is, so pass me the unopened bottle). Of course this is not so in my case (unless an […]

Sticking around in Pandora… Introduction

“This is the first in what I hope is a regular column about my exploits and experiences within the Borderlands universe. As with any column or discussion about a game (or games) take it as read that there will be spoilers ahead. I have warned you so no crying once I reveal that Lilith is […]

Myk’s Monday Memory – UFO:Enemy Unknown (PC)

And before you ask, yes this was the first X-COM game… now that we’ve got that out of the way lets jump on the memory train and chug along to meville! Spare Bedroom Parent’s House Newcastle upon Tyne Summer 1995 Having been an Acorn kiddie since the mid ‘80s, it was the Summer of ‘95 […]

Skyrim… how you have spoilt me!

I used to love RPGs, whether making morally grey choices with my blonde headed fem-Shepard or hacking away with my magic sword in a dice and paper high fantasy world. Skills, attributes, stats, SPECIAL, they all meant the world to me – in fact some people would say that I lived those worlds, my reality […]

Myk’s Monday Memory – Star Wars (Arcade)

Amusement Arcade Tynemouth Longsands North Tyneside early 1984 “It was a blustery Spring day with a slight nip in the air waiting to annoy those children that were adamant their clothing was adequate for a trip to the seaside. Small groups of people clung together like limpets to a rather popular rock – the type […]