DriveClub Servers still down.


Its almost one week old, but Driveclub is still not fully online. Plagued with servers issues, Driveclub has seen furious gamers unhappy that a game touted as socially active is more socially dead. Its surprising that the studio behind Motorstorm haven’t managed to get this release right. Granted they are posting updated on the Facebook […]

Alien Isolation

[youtube] This short clip is the PC version and was recorded by Andy_MUFC for

The Crew is a revolutionary action-driving mmo game that sees you partner up to take down rival crews on All Platforms. … Release Date. 11/11/2014 . [youtube]

Alien: Isolation

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  As the date is coming closer for this game 7th October 2014 this is not your normal game. It will even be possible to complete the game without killing anyone. Looking at some review scores from some gaming sites it does not look good but we all know each gamer is different in their gaming […]

Project Spark Beta Xboxone

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I applied for a beta a while ago and got the E-mail a few weeks back with my beta code to take part so am waiting for the xboxone version to launch sometime this month. As its been running these past few weeks on Windows 8 PCs To be honest am excited at  Project Spark […]

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Xbox360

On Thursday 30th January Four members played guerrilla mode Numberedjester(Andy),Accident_Man(Paul),Lawman999(Dave) and ERL0(Eric) with xboxlive playing up it kept kicking us out of party chat. This was going to be interesting to play while ERL0 was live streaming the whole time. Again the gaming session was a lot of fun and we all had a laugh […]

Quick Review:Call of Duty:Ghosts


This is my first attempt on writing a review on a game so please go easy as I have never done this before. I be honest am not a big COD fan maybe its a age thing with me I never bought Black Ops II didn’t think much of it. So I get Xboxone on […]

Twitch Streaming

Its been discussed before, but we have finally installed the twitch plugin. Now you can watch mature live, being killed, being hopeless, and being generally pants at gaming. But hey, we are old after all [plumwd_twitch_stream]

7 Years old!!

Its server renewal time today. This means this little forum is 7 years old. Thats a long time in the forum business. Its been a quiet couple of years, mostly down to my lack of availability. Its a big thank you to all you forum members, previous, old and new for helping make the forum […]