Halo 4 Review

            Halo has always been a solid science fiction themed FPS with impressive enemy AI, beautifully designed environments, well developed characters, a musical score that immerses you into the game in the same way a big budget Hollywood movie would and tells one of the best stories in videogames history […]

Sticking around in Pandora… Introduction

“This is the first in what I hope is a regular column about my exploits and experiences within the Borderlands universe. As with any column or discussion about a game (or games) take it as read that there will be spoilers ahead. I have warned you so no crying once I reveal that Lilith is […]

Myk’s Monday Memory – UFO:Enemy Unknown (PC)

And before you ask, yes this was the first X-COM game… now that we’ve got that out of the way lets jump on the memory train and chug along to meville! Spare Bedroom Parent’s House Newcastle upon Tyne Summer 1995 Having been an Acorn kiddie since the mid ‘80s, it was the Summer of ‘95 […]

Skyrim… how you have spoilt me!

I used to love RPGs, whether making morally grey choices with my blonde headed fem-Shepard or hacking away with my magic sword in a dice and paper high fantasy world. Skills, attributes, stats, SPECIAL, they all meant the world to me – in fact some people would say that I lived those worlds, my reality […]

Myk’s Monday Memory – Star Wars (Arcade)

Amusement Arcade Tynemouth Longsands North Tyneside early 1984 “It was a blustery Spring day with a slight nip in the air waiting to annoy those children that were adamant their clothing was adequate for a trip to the seaside. Small groups of people clung together like limpets to a rather popular rock – the type […]

Myk’s Monday Memory – First Online FPS game

Front Room My House Newcastle upon Tyne Summer 2006 It was with much delight that my girlfriend won the 2006 Pepsi Max World Cup competition, after all we ended up with a lovely Xbox 360 Premium and a Football Manager 2006. Yes, Football Manager 2006, a game which if it was on the PC I […]

Myk’s Monday Memory – Silent Hill (PSx)

Front Room The Flat Newcastle Late 1999 Having played to death since launch the sequel to the original Resident Evil, the imaginatively titled Resident Evil 2, I was looking for another thrill and another excuse to ignore my girlfriend for extended periods of time (which turns out to be the way to make a relationship […]


GAMES RELEASED ON 26 OCTOBER Medal Of Honor: Warfighter (360/PS3/PC) Forza Horizon (360) Professor Layton And The Miracle Mask (3DS) Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park (DS) Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz (PSV) Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition (360/PS3) FIFA Manager 13 (PC) Rollercoaster Tycoon 3D (3DS) Smart As… (PSV) Street Fighter X Tekken (PSV) […]

Myk’s Monday Memory – Resident Evil (PSx)

“Welcome to my new (semi) regular feature where I look back on an old gaming experience, whether good or ill, that in some ways changed my life as a gamer.” My Bedroom Parent’s House Newcastle upon Tyne Sometime in 1996 After having spent a good part of £300 getting an original Playstation from the Sony […]