Brink passes 2.5 million sold mark

While it has taken almost a year, according to Splash Damages’ CEOs Paul Wedgwood and Richard Jolly, Brink has sold an estimated 2.5 million copies across all formats.

In an interview on the gaming industry website Gamasutra, Wedgwood and Jolly said that the game released last May could have generated as much as $140 million although with Splash Damage being an independent developer, much of that revenue would be going to the publisher.

Brink was a much hyped FPS/Parkour hybrid that was lukewarmly received by many in the gaming press, yet hated even more by gamers.  While the game itself tried to incorporate many different ideas, it’s clunky controls and rather bland missions meant that the innovative multiplayer game we all envisioned ended up being an arty mess. A fun arty mess I might hasten to add…

– Myk

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