DriveClub Servers still down.


Its almost one week old, but Driveclub is still not fully online. Plagued with servers issues, Driveclub has seen furious gamers unhappy that a game touted as socially active is more socially dead. Its surprising that the studio behind Motorstorm haven’t managed to get this release right. Granted they are posting updated on the Facebook […]

Alien: Isolation

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  As the date is coming closer for this game 7th October 2014 this is not your normal game. It will even be possible to complete the game without killing anyone. Looking at some review scores from some gaming sites it does not look good but we all know each gamer is different in their gaming […]

Project Spark Beta Xboxone

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I applied for a beta a while ago and got the E-mail a few weeks back with my beta code to take part so am waiting for the xboxone version to launch sometime this month. As its been running these past few weeks on Windows 8 PCs To be honest am excited at  Project Spark […]

Xbox Minecraft passes 1 million mark

According to Major Nelson the Xbox version of Minecraft has sold over 1 million copies in less than a week. In other news the number of people attending Minecraft Anonymous has more than quadrupled, with many sufferers complaining about getting paranoid that a “creeper” is… well creeping up on them. And I’m not going to mention what […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Well folks the reveal trailer is finally here and you can view it over at the official Call of Duty website. A leap into the near(ish) future, drone wars (so could we call the game Call of Duty 9: the Drone Wars), China as the big bad and lots of possibilities for fancy looking weaponry that breaks […]

A GAME Exclusive? Who would have thought…

According to industry website MCV, the forthcoming Square Enix RPG for the 3DS, Heroes of Ruin, is to become a GAME exclusive in the UK. This is a far cry from the situation that GAME was in only a month ago, which has given hope that OpCapita has managed to bring all major suppliers back onboard. […]

Near Future Setting for the Next CoD?

With the countdown to the official unveiling by Activision in the annual FPS Call of Duty franchise a week away, it seems that many hints are being dropped about a near future setting – with one of the teaser images on the Call of Duty website linking to a YouTube video. Is it a […]

CoD reveal set for May 1st

A teaser on the official Call of Duty website states that the world reveal for the annual FPS franchise is due to on 1st May. Strongly hinted to be a direct sequel to Call of Duty: Black Ops, the only thing surprising is that they waited this long to tease the reveal. – Myk

Brink passes 2.5 million sold mark

While it has taken almost a year, according to Splash Damages’ CEOs Paul Wedgwood and Richard Jolly, Brink has sold an estimated 2.5 million copies across all formats. In an interview on the gaming industry website Gamasutra, Wedgwood and Jolly said that the game released last May could have generated as much as $140 million […]