Journey (PS3), A Review


  Journey, A Review ( User Review – AccidentMan) Journey is one of those rare games that is a genuine pleasure to play. I don’t mean pleasure as in scoring a sweet headshot, that is incidental pleasure    you get from something happening in a particular moment while playing a game – Journey is simply […]

FIFA Street Review ( by forum member Andy_MUFC)

Right, just to keep Mat happy here is a quick review of FIFA Street.First off, if you are expecting this to be like FIFA12, you will be dissapointed. Its nothing like ‘normal’ FIFA… Game modes are similar to the FIFA we all know, a play now option known as ‘Hit The Streets’, World Tour and […]

Amazon Kindle Review


by mr nick monkey Many gadgets that we buy fall into the category of luxury purchase (I’m looking at you Apple TV) and some occasionally actually make our lives better and my new Kindle falls into that latter category.  After reading books pretty much every day since I was an adorable little cherub this new-ish […]