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#1418 by Aidy
Sat Jul 01, 2017 10:04 pm
I have gotten bored of this game. It plays like a free to play game. It is just nothing but a grind and I have sunk more hours into this than I should have for so little return.

Every little element is designed to take excessive time to do. The final straw was a glitch which prevented my ship from launching off a planet while on a SRV mission and I subsequently got destroyed whilst sat there like a dead duck getting shot to pieces.

To say that I am currently furious (I type this minutes after this latest Elite Dangerous cock up) would be an understatement. Maybe some time away and I will calm down enough to go back, but at the moment it is coming really close to being uninstalled off my Xbox One.

<edit> I have calmed down now. Going to see if I can salvage the disaster mentioned above!
#1420 by Andrew Usher
Sun Jul 02, 2017 5:36 pm
I so wanted to get into this, but i can't. Having said that working 120 hour week to get gym up and running has killed everything for me :(
#1421 by Aidy
Wed Jul 05, 2017 4:54 pm
Wow, this fucking turd of a game never ceases to amaze me on just how crap it is these days. I am just uploaded a two and half hour Twitch stream I did to You Tube. The last 10 minutes show exactly why this game is utter shit. I killed a pirate, was awarded the bounty then three minutes later the SAME FUCKING PIRATE JUMPS IN AND KILLS ME!

Honestly, Frontier Developments are a dumpster fire of a developer and David Braben should be ashamed that this malfunctioning pile of shit could even carry the name Elite. It is clear that Ian Bell was the true brains behind the Elite franchise.

Sorry but this is now on the back burner until someone at Frontier "Developments" gets off their arse and fixes this abortion of a game. It's been out 3 years and still bullshit like this exists. Also the latest "patch" has messed up the docking station comms so now you are greeted as you leave not when you arrive (small issue but laughably bad non the less), the game is slow and servers keep dropping out thanks to the cheap cunts at FD renting servers off Amazon despite the added burden of the PS4 and physical copy purchases from last Friday.

When add these issues to the grand-a-thon that the game is (and a seriously lack of enjoyment you have to endure for large parts of it) it is a classic case of "Why the fuck am I playing this heap of cat wank?"

Rant over...goes to play a real game.
#1422 by myk.lewis
Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:16 pm
Aidy, you had me spitting my coffee all over the laptop with your rant. :lol:

Now everyone knows I love this game, warts and all, and now with the confirmation that Thrustmaster are making a HOTAS for the Xbox One I'm really looking forward to playing the game how I remembered it on the PC (before it went belly up).

Recently, I left the player group I was involved in because being part of one was getting in the way of my enjoyment of the game, after all I wanted to play the game my way (within reason as I always play in open) without having to be stuck in the constant grind so many others report. Also I have finally paid a visit to a couple of Engineers, after all I had a fair few materials lying around after playing this version of the game since last October...

To me this game has been worth every penny I have spent on it, and I will no doubt get season 3 when it's released. Nothing comes even remotely close... not even Battleborn and you know how I love that :P

So my plans for now are to pimp up an Eagle and see how long I can survive in a CZ for. Thirty seconds anyone?
#1423 by Aidy
Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:30 pm
I hope your laptop is in good working order and not suffering from caffeine overload!

I know you love the game and the thing is...I can see why because one a good day I actually enjoy it too...but...

For me it's these issues that kill the game. I get angry because I know there is actually a good game underneath these stupid issues yet Frontier Developments are intent on letting these issues fester. With each update new issues arise, some minor and some fairly major. Also there are occasions where updates actually re-introduce bugs that had previously been fixed! It's utterly amateur and unnecessary.

The re-spawning enemies is a known issue as well. What compounded the issue was that I actually noticed him respawn as I was Frame Shifting away from the scene of the previous battle, I will link the video below it happens about 10 minutes from the end onwards. I have collected the bounty and his material debris. When he respawns I Frame Shift away towards the planet I am looking for the Trade Data. Within seconds of me dropping out of Frame Shift he is there and kills me in seconds. In the fight I had before I was holding my own. It's like he jumps in harder hitting than before!

I am already pissed off at how long it takes to earn money in the game. I am saving for a Python and am about 26 million credits off getting one. Frankly I just don't have the stomach for the grind needed to get there when I am confronted with things like this when I play it. Married too the God awful performance and server disconnects which have become more profound since last Friday with the PS4 and physical copies of the game coming into play it just kills me to carry on.

I current have about 1 million credits worth of missions stacked. My reputation with a Friendly Federal organisation mysteriously dropped down to cordial for no reason during this play through, my ship got blown up by a phantom pirate I just's like setting your feet on fire just to get warm!

The problem I have now is that I don't want these missions to lapse and lose reputation again! So I will have to play them with the janky game just so I can stop playing without losing my reputation I have earned! It's sheer nonsense!!!

Ian Bell, come back and save this game...please!!!

#1424 by myk.lewis
Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:00 am
The money grind can be a complete pain in the rear end... that's probably why so many people rely on exploits and whatnot to gain their credits (they even nerfed how much you got in multi crew to stop low ranked players abusing the system to gain massive amounts of money). For me though, I could never really be bothered with the whole credit grind - that is not saying I haven't ran missions just for the money or traded Imperial Slaves on a two stop route but apart from that I generally just keep doing what I would normally do.

But when I find the game a chore it gets closed and I find something else (i.e. Battleborn) for a while.


So I stopped after gaining rank for the iCourier and FAS - I do fancy taking both the iClipper and FGS out for a spin, perhaps someday I might even have a shot at the Corvette or Cutter but to be honest they don't really appeal to me. They have previously had an event when the iClippers were available to all who held an Imp rank so I might wait until then.
#1432 by myk.lewis
Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:06 pm
As part of a new initiative, well new on my behalf, I've decided to go Back 2 Basics (how sad, I've used a number instead of the word... I must be so hip and happening) and relearn everything I can about combat. And the best way to do that? Well, here's my new ship the HMSS Slappy the Seal...


It's a totally unmodded Eagle sporting twin fix pulses and in the top hardpoint a frag cannon. As most of you know I can't shoot straight so I'm having to learn all the ins and outs of not relying on gimbal or turrets...

And it is a complete pain but a whole load of fun :D Spending too much time lining up my shots only to bounce between several asteroids!

Hopefully I'll start streaming and/or recording my progress as I move onto different ships :P
#1442 by myk.lewis
Fri Jul 28, 2017 1:09 pm
It seems that I have been challenged by a fellow CMDR (and YouTuber) to prove that the Asp Scout is not the worst ship in the game by spending all my time in one. Okay I might have taken it a bit far by claiming that I would stick with it until the New Year but, gosh darn it, I meant it at the time!

The things is, the Asp Scout is very underappreciated so while I might of taken the original challenge in jest, I think that in truth I would like to prove it's critics wrong.

Lets see how long I stick with this one....
#1445 by myk.lewis
Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:22 pm

Well here it is, the day I start my attempt to prove to the universe that the Asp Scout is not a useless ship and in fact can slug it out with the big boys and girls.

Once upon a time when men were real men, women were real women and small furry creatures from... hang on, has this been done before? Really? Honestly? Great, already stealing other peoples ideas and trying to pass them off as my own. Might as well rewrite the intro and pretend that the first one never happened.

A long time ago (this morning), in a galaxy far far (or rather just outside the front door but that really doesn't sound impressive enough for some scrolling titles) away....


And nothing...

I'm skint so can't afford any dramatic music, apart from perhaps the sound of me humming an nondescript theme. Perhaps you would be okay with that then? Fine? Yes?

Hum humhumhum hummmmm hum hum humhumHUM


Well it seems like I've digressed already and it's not even 9am (at time of writing, so reading this when you're about to go to bed really messes everything up so could you not or at least pretend that it is this morning). So back to the actual topic; The Asp Scout and my experiences living my life in it's not too small or shabby interior (pink wallpaper and banana shaped lighting really help prevent the rivets from showing too much).

Currently I have two Asp Scouts, the first is to outfitted exclusively for combat while the other is a general purpose oddbod. As I spent most of my time in the combat AspS, then we'll tell her story this morning.

HMSS WIBBLY WOBBLY (now renamed to It's Mister To You)


She's mainly shop bought spec with only the thrusters (DDT3) and FSD (IR3) being modded, and even then not really optimised at all. She packs four gimballed MCs, when I first outfit ships I tend to op for an all kinetic loadout, while this will be subject to change over the next few days it is always my first port of call. Double chaff and class 4A shields (unmodded) with hull reinforcements, Fuel Scoop, SRV hanger and for some reason an ADS filling out the rest of it's internals. I have no idea why I kept the SRV hanger and ADS while outfitting but there they were (ditched them once I realised).

HiRES (Andhrimi)

Her maiden test flight went okay considering. Made over 250k in fifteen minutes without trying and generally taking down (with help) smaller craft. Quad MCs tear through armour like no tomorrow but shields can cause a few missed heartbeats and loss of hair. Lost shields once but armour held up great.

Having System Security around to help meant that I was never truly I danger, providing I didn't overstretch. Which I did... Of course.

After a brief stop to get rid of both the ADS and SRV hanger, the return to the HiRES was not quite as successful as I had hoped. Took on an iClipper almost totally head on at almost point blank range. The timely intervention of System Security prevented my total demise, but I did learn a few things from the encounter.

Firstly taking any ship head on is a big no no in the Scout. Her shields aren't brilliant (around 200 for 4As unboosted or modded) so can be taken out within seconds if the ai is having a laugh.

Secondly I was more successful when the AI was unaware, although the dakka was not enough as an alpha strike, in smaller ships it could knock the shields down enough for them to either fire a SCB or start to flee.

Thirdly using her agility and pip management is going to make the difference between a slight scratch and the rebuy screen. This is something I've been working on as part of my Back2Basics series (although that is now put on hold until either I grow weary of this or somebody pays me to start back on it).

There is a lot more for me to digest, like outfitting and not being a total idiot by trying to shield tank Lakon. Still that is for other days....

And there will be other days, I promise.

DAY RATING :: 2 furry bananas out of 5
#1447 by myk.lewis
Sun Jul 30, 2017 8:52 am
The most important thing I learned today is that my piloting skills absolutely suck. And when I say suck I mean suck, just imagine the largest vacuum cleaner in the world. Got that in your head? Well I suck so bad that the vacuum's big brother who was a major comic nemesis that tried to suck the universe into Oblivion (and now I'm singing about campers and back gardens) has major competition in the sucking stakes. Even then I believe that could be an understatement.

And I've just read that back out loud...

Shall I move on? Yeah...

HMSS Wibbly Woobly no more

Firstly, I renamed my combat Asp Scout to It's Mister To You (to go with my general purpose AspS, Multiple Penguins and my shadow hiding Rogues Are Us), sounds a tad more macho that Wibbly Wobbly so was probably hoping to frighten little children into not trying to steal my ice lolly. won't work but that's life for you.

Secondly, after several suggestions, I swapped out the class 1 hardpoints to a set of gimballed Beam Lasers. Strip shields with the Beams, then let loose on the hull with the Multicannons. At least that was the theory. Basically see first paragraph for results.

HiRES (Andhrimi)

Regardless of my opinion about the lack of skills, the half a hour I spent in the HiRES was fruitful, gaining in over 1.2 million credits in that time. Again, local System Security ships helped but this time the ship spawns were more challenging. Not one engaged was below dangerous, and both FDLs engaged were Elite ranked.

What I did discover more than anything was that I was treating the Scout as a shield tank again, even though she is specced into armour. The first FDL almost totally ignored me in favour of the System Security ships, but the second exclusively targetted me. Left afterwards with 46% hull and at one point my Power Plant was at 0%. Again, it was my lack of piloting skills that really showed as I spent most of my time in a pitching battle with the FDL. Didn't use pip management, did try anything else other than pitching... so it Back2Basics for me tomorrow.

The only genuine highlight was the one on one I had with a Deadly ranked FDS. Although this fight took over five minutes, the fact that I didn't lose shields once and towards the end didn't even get hit gave me hope that hidden inside of me is an okay pilot screaming to be let out!

Of course all these were AI controlled...



Swapped Scouts and took Multiple Penguins out for a spin, running a handful of missions here and there. Nothing to report on this front except that the Scout does make a good mission runner. Better than anything else, not really but lets see if we can do something about that in the long run.

So what to take from this morning?

Firstly, I need to learn to fly the Scout – whether on 0 or 4 pips, in combat or just hugging the space station. I need to take advantage of it's agile nature and short boost recharge, in most cases I was treating the ship as if it was a Vulture or FAS. It is neither so I shouldn't treat her like one.

Secondly, the twin Beams were a considerable help in stripping shields but I did miss the additional hull damage kinetics do. Still this was probably a plus so for now I'll be sticking with the twin beams as secondary weapons.

Thirdly, use chaff but not at point blank range as it's wasted there. Although she was set up with double chaff, by the end of the half hour I still had 7 shots in each. Again, this falls into learning to pilot the ship correctly.

The summary therefore is moar skillz now!

DAY RATING :: 2 fluffly purple aliens out of 5
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