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#1789 by ERL0
Thu Sep 21, 2017 5:41 pm

Underground DLC is getting some loving and looking forward to this now.
Plenty of PVE coming in 1.8 so just waiting on the PTS to be released(Tuesday 26th Sept)maybe delayed as I was on the last PTS am already picked for this one and to be honest I can't wait.
#1808 by ERL0
Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:20 am
As the above post says am hoping the PTS is out tomorrow.Then I can record footage of the new area "Westside Pier" the horde mode Resistance.Finally the new underground were Hunters can spawn.
#1811 by ERL0
Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:59 pm

This is in the new area called West side Pier the other video is in the underground with Hunters now spawning randomly.

Plenty to do and plenty of loot but this is the public test server
#1980 by ERL0
Sat Apr 07, 2018 5:41 pm
For those interested patch 1.8.1 will be released next week Thursday the 12th April this includes:

Legendary Missions
Two new Legendaries:

Amherst Apartment
Grand Central Station

Global Events
There will be two new Global Event with their own modifiers.

Global Event 5 – Blackout
Global Event 6 – Onslaught

Drop Rate Changes
The previously announced improvements with classie drops targeted GE caches and DivTech.

With the last one the drop rates will improve for classified gear and exotic weapons in the light zone and underground.
More news to follow.
#1982 by ERL0
Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:27 pm

Global Event 5 – Blackout
Always active: Agents are equipped with Shock Ammo that stuns enemies. Shooting or running builds your Charge meter - the more Charge, the more damage you inflict.
Extreme Blackout
Blackout behavior, plus you can instantly kill enemies with Overcharged melee attacks, but if you miss you will stun yourself and your allies.
Total Blackout
Extreme Blackout behavior, plus your Charge meter will cool down faster when close to other group members.

Global Event 6 – Onslaught
Always active; Deal Burn, Bleed, and Gas effects to enemies in addition to normal damage. Reload to change the effect.
Savage Onslaught
Onslaught behavior, enemies are vulnerable to one effect type and resistant to others. Agents take increased damage from resistant enemies.
Brutal Onslaught
Savage Onslaught behavior, plus when two or more group members kill a vulnerable enemy within two seconds, each member can reload to gain a damage bonus for a single clip.

New Commendations
Over 40 new Commendations unlockable in the new Global Events.

New Legendary Difficulty Missions
Amherst’s Apartment.
Grand Central Station.

Xbox One X Enhancement Patch
4K rendering
Higher anisotropy
Improved reflections
Improved object detail
Improved screen-space shadows

Game Changes
Division Tech increases
Daily Combat, Crafting, Survival and Dark Zone Quests now reward the player with 25 Div Tech each.
Weekly Open World and Weekly Underground Assignments reward the player with 100 Div Tech each.
Season Pass Supply Drops now award 100 Division Tech.
Vendor Changes
Added a Classified Gear cache to the Special Vendor that guarantees 1 Classified Gear piece from the entire pool.
Global Events Vendor
Removed the basic cache from the vendor.
Each Global Event will now have individual caches per Classified Gear set for that Global Event. This allows the player to purchase, for example, a Fire Crest cache that guarantees one item from that set.
Bosses in the Resistance game mode now award 100 Global Event tokens.
Exotic Loot drops
Removed Premium Vendor Exotics from Open World loot pool and Exotic Caches
All Exotics added to the Open World Bosses.
Classified Gear Drop Rates
Classified Drop Rates chances have been increased in all locations.
Legendary Missions now have a 20% chance to give Classified Gear as a reward at the completion of the mission
Season Pass Supply Drops now have a 10% chance to drop Classified Gear.
Survival Caches now has a roughly 10% chance to drop Classified Gear.
Classified Gear
Classified Firecrest 6 piece talent now makes the player immune to the fiery explosion caused by the burning targets.
Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the Mobile Cover Blast Shield mod explosion had no effect.
Fixed an issue where the Sticky Bomb Disruptor mod and the base Seeker Mine would affect neutral players in the Dark Zone.

Fixed an issue where the UI indicated that certain Support Station mods were affecting neutral players.
Global Events

Players are no longer able to kill Joe Ferro using explosives from the Strike Global Event while he is still in the spawning room.
Dark Zone

Fixed an issue where a player dying during the Manhunt Interact caused the sound to loop.
The "Group gone Rogue" message no longer appears when a player with Rogue status enters the game while not in a group.

Fixed an issue where the UI for the Rogue timers would flash between different times.
Fixed various locations in the Dark Zone where the player could get stuck.

Certain Named NPCs tended to disappear from the Underground. We forced them back.
Fixed issues related to a confused JTF officer.
Fixed a weird door.

Fixed the display of the Survival weekly assignment for players under maximum level.

Fixed an issue where players would only receive one cache instead of three when completing the secret mission.

"Marathon" Commendation now requires players to access the Camp Clinton safe house in order to unlock.
The “Facetime“ Commendation now tracks requirements appropriately.
Fixed the activity modifier requirement for some Global Event commendations.
"Search and Destroy" Commendation now tracks for missions completed.
"Flawless Underground" Commendation has been fixed to be awarded when all conditions are met.
"Directive Executive" Commendation now awards when the proper conditions are met.
Commendations for the Global Event: Assault will no longer appear if the Global Event is not active.

Fixed an issue where the area of effect of the Firecrest fire was larger than the visuals indicated.

Fixed an issue where players were getting stuck on a concrete block in West Side Pier.
Fixed an instance in West Side Pier where players could get stuck outside playable area.
Somehow located and removed an invisible ladder.
There was a wall in Pier 93 that didn’t look right. It looks right now. We also fixed a weird ramp in there.

There was a corrupted texture outside of the Carrier. It has been rehabilitated.
Agents can no longer see outside of the game world in certain locations of Last Stand.
Fixed evil trash bin and bags.

Players will now be disconnected from the game servers when logging out of their PlayStation accounts.
Fixed an issue where the player would get stuck on the loading screen when accepting a console game invite while on the loading screen.
#2001 by ERL0
Fri Jun 15, 2018 10:48 am
The final patch is out for The Division before the new one comes out on March 15th so agents thankfully this is the last update for the game. Below are the details of patch 1.8.2.

Shields are a group of twelve unique collectibles that reward both long term and new players for completing challenges throughout the game. Earning a Shield will reward the player with a Shield Cache that contains a selection of valuable items and currency bundles. In addition, earning multiple Shields unlocks exclusive rewards for use in Tom Clancy's The Division®2. The Shields feature can be found in the first tab of the Dossier.

Initially, four Shields will be available for players to earn. Subsequently, an additional Shield will become available every month.

The first four shields available on June 14th are:

Shepherd – Unlock the Base of Operations.
Hazard – Clear 25 landmarks in the Dark Zone.
Deadeye – Complete all weekly HVT's within a week.
Avenger – Take out 10 named bosses in Manhattan, 10 in the Dark Zone and 10 in the West Side Piers area.
Twelve new Patches are available - they can be unlocked by completing the corresponding Shield challenges.
Madison Field Hospital.
General Assembly.
Twelve new audio logs are available - they can be unlocked by completing the corresponding Shield challenges.
Phoenix Credit limit has increased from 5,000 to 8,000.
Classified Gear
Predator's Mark
Set Bonus (6 pieces):
Hitting 10 shots without switching targets now applies The Predator's Mark which makes the target bleed for 50% of the damage already done by those bullets. The Damage over time to the target is increased by 15% for every 3000 Stamina and can critically hit the target. When at 9000 Stamina the damage over time bonus is increased by an additional 120%. The Predator's Mark ignores the Status Effect Immunity of NPCs.
Path of the Nomad
Set Bonus (6 pieces):
50% chance to have no cool-down for Path of the Nomad when playing solo. Take 60% less damage for 10 seconds after Path of the Nomad is triggered.
Tactician's Authority
Set Bonus (6 pieces):
Improved Tactician's Authority stacks will no longer reset when using elevators. Stacks will now correctly be lost upon activation of Recovery Link.
Set Bonus (4 pieces):
Reclaimer support stations will now self-destruct when the set is unequipped.
Support Stations with the highest health per tick will now take priority when in range of several stations.
Fixed an issue that would cause items to temporarily disappear from the inventory after having shared an item.
Implemented a cooldown that reduces the auto-snap on aim after first use.
Fixed an issue which would cause item mods to be unequipped when changing loadouts under certain conditions.
Contamination Events effect should no longer display as active once the event has ended.
Opera House Landmark will now spawn NPCs correctly.
We took care of a couple of evil cars in DZ09 that kept trapping unsuspecting players.
Fixed an issue causing forward spawn points to be unavailable on certain maps.
Descriptions have been added to the loading screens for Global Event.
Smart bullets can now only be activated in the appropriate missions.
Corrected the ‘Never Enough' commendation UI to not list Stolen Signal as a requirement.
Underground bosses will no longer drop Vendor Exotic weapons.
Fixed missing audio in Last Stand, Skirmish & Camp Clinton for all non-English languages.
Mission reward panels have been updated to show the correct Gear Score.
Players are no longer able to bypass objectives in Legendary Amherst's Apartment.
Overlapping arm patches have been fixed when combining ‘Roadie Jacket' with ‘Ghost Recon Wildlands shirt' or ‘Sniper shirt'.
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