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#1454 by myk.lewis
Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:09 pm
Pythons are cool...

Never flown an Annie before but if I sold everything could get one. Couldn't upgrade this too much but could say that I own one.

#1461 by myk.lewis
Tue Aug 01, 2017 7:19 pm
Yet again I spent most of my time trying to learn those elite skills everyone else on the planet seems to have. Whether I'll ever be able to call my self an “Okay Pilot” remains to be seen, but there was some measure of success with the Scout these past two days. At least I haven't seen a rebuy screen yet...

And now I have cursed it. How could I be so stupid?

A word of warning to those reading this. While this journal is all about combat this time, nowhere within am I going to talk about penetration, ramming or anything else that could be taken the wrong way.

And I just have... curse my Britishness and heavy use of sexual innuendos.

It's Mister To You

After the previous days, the idea behind my jaunt back into the HiRES at Andhrimi was to learn to fly. It has been pointed out that my combat Scout is quite heavy, but I couldn't tell the difference. Granted, I was testing myself out at just after 4am in the morning with only a few hours sleep. Thankfully, the asteroids were made out of pillows and those pesky pirates just stayed away as I snoozed. Yet somehow I still had over 400k in bounties after a half hour. Not brilliant but as I was concentrating on just piloting I take this as a plus.

Not a Shield Tank

While the setup of the Scout lends quite well to hitting up on armour, my old technique of shield tanking was still employed even when I expressly told myself to not act like I was in a iCourier or Vulture. Fortunately the spawns weren't too dense and the shields recharged relatively quickly but again I was using the Scout as I would any high capacity shield ship. The overall agility again saved my (veggie) bacon but I need to unlearn the reliance on shields over movement. The only positive was my usage of chaff. Mainly I remembered about it...

So I need to give myself a shiny for that!


The Fourth Day – A HazRES Story

This time, to remove the possibility of guaranteed external help, I ventured into the HazRES around Qarato 9. The idea was to test the Scout one on one without the knowledge that SysSec would bail me out. Well one on one or two or three.. it was after all a HazRES.

A couple of notes before, again I was testing my Scout in the early hours of the morning (this time 5am) and I had a hyperactive toddler blocking my view of the scanner. None of these can be used as an excuse, after all everyone has distractions around them. Unless you are a hermit, or wearing a VR headset, or even really good at pretending you can't hear anything. Wish I could....

While all ships were at rank or about (Master in my case), I found everything challenging but I did pick my fights and wait for the right moment. The negatives were, again my lack of genuine skill in piloting; I lack the ability to correctly use FA off, and tend to concentrate on one plane at a time (I do this in game) so lose much of the advantage a player has against the AI. This is offset by my often random course corrections that do genuinely seem to throw the AI off guard.

The positives include chasing off an iClipper (after dealing with her two wingmen in iEagles), and the fact that I was only reduced to 72% hull (after a major whooops moment). While I might be limiting myself to one plane of direction at a time, I am starting to use a more intelligent approach to combat.

Conclusions and Biscuits

The Asp Scout is still impressing me with it's abilities, it's just a shame that I am currently not up to the task. I really need the whole Back2Basics approach, after all I've been playing this game for years and have habits that would make nose pickers blush. The trip into the HazRES really was an eye opener, so I think future combat will take place in one.

DAY RATING (DAY 3) :: 2 pieces of belly button fluff out of 5
DAY RATING (DAY 4) :: 3 rusty rhinos out of 5
#1753 by myk.lewis
Wed Aug 30, 2017 5:27 pm
After spending so long trying to justify the Asp Scout, the extra room the Python brings is much appreciated - even with a DDS (detailed discovery scanner) and a double SRV Hanger I've managed to cram 96t of cargo space, 32 eco cabins and 10 business class cabins. Couple that with 5 multicannons (2 x c2 and 3 x c3 including one corrosive) a decent jump range and almost totally A rated internals...


So here's to the Python, that big middle ship that can do it all...


Except catch those pesky pirates that think it's fun to interdict me then do a Brave Sir Robin when I deploy hardpoints...

#1756 by Aidy
Sat Sep 02, 2017 2:34 pm
I must confess that the game has been given a whole new lease of life since I obtained my Python. The first pirate that went against me was in an Eagle...the fight lasted about four seconds as the silly bugger attacked me head on. I have it lightly armed with 2 medium pulse lasers and 2 medium machine guns. They shredded the Eagle like it was made out of paper. So far I have taken out a couple of Federal Assault ships, A Fleur Du Lance, an Anaconda and an Imperial Cutter. The biggest fight was against another Python but I took that out as well. I need to update my power plant and thrusters then add some more serious firepower and this thing will be like a mini Star Destroyer!
#1758 by myk.lewis
Mon Sep 04, 2017 4:58 pm
Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed....

As a warning, I was collecting some trade data when a rather friendly NPC in a FGS decided to scan me... while I was carrying a rather nice chap.. sorry criminal. Even with 6c bi weaves, my shields were stripped before I could deploy hardpoints and various modules including thrusters went pop before I could high wake out of there!

5.2 million credit buy back (which is why you must always fly with insurance)

Also be watchful for all rail iEagles with deadeye aim :P

Almost fully A rated my Python (Power Plant is 7B as I don't fancy paying 50 million for the extra few Mjs I can get out of a 7A) and swap out the internals depending upon it's usage.

The Python is a large and relatively agile beast in a medium ships clothing.
#1784 by myk.lewis
Mon Sep 18, 2017 6:27 am
As anyone who plays the game is aware, update 2.4 is due to roll out to all formats (I think) on September 26th. Unlike most other updates though, FDev will be holding back a few things so that we can all experience the return of the Thargoids rather than a select few from Cannon (player group) who race through all the extra content in minutes...

Anyways, trailer for 2.4 below:

#1810 by myk.lewis
Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:06 pm
After this weekend's Elite Expo, teasers are abounding about forthcoming content including three new ships (The Type-10 Defender, Krait and Chieftain) more Thargoids, player owned carriers and attacks on stations.

The Expo reveal is below...

More importantly is that all this new content is free to those that have bought Horizons - so technically still part of season 2. One happy bunny hunter here :D

Now just waiting for stores to get the Thrustmaster X One in stock - was supposed to be released last week but I have yet to see it :(
#1935 by myk.lewis
Wed Jan 31, 2018 7:24 am
Well it's been a while since I last updated people about my latest escapades within the Elite Dangerous universe, however boring it seems to you lot :P

Firstly, Frontier announced the new season of content that is "free" (yes really) for all users (although some is stuck behind the Horizons pay wall) named Beyond. Currently the first of four "Beyond" updates is in beta over on PC (booooo - I'm still stuck with the Xbox One version only and it doesn't look like changing any time soon). The update includes an overhaul of the Engineers mechanics, improved graphical fidelity especially on planets and moons, new crime and punishment system that is aimed at reducing "griefing" (from what I've heard the NPC ATR security ships are almost unbeatable) and the introduction of the second Alliance themed ship (after the Type 10 Defender), the Chieftain.

Later updates include trading and exploration improvements, more ships (the Krait is the only one announced so far but FDev has promised more) and general fixes to improve the game experience for all (where have we heard this before? )

So what am I up to these days? Well starting tomorrow I'm beginning a series of "themed" months based around a single ship (will use it exclusively for the month) with each week accepting a challenge from my wing (Paladin Consortium.... again). This month :


Yep, the second cheapest ship - The Eagle mk II.

Now for the month of February I have got to use nothing but this ship, whether it is for bulk (ha ha ha ha) trading or defending our systems in High Intensity Combat Zones. The challenge for the week (starting tomorrow) is to fly with Flight Assist Off at all times.

It is as hard as it sounds - and that is just taking off from a station let alone docking in one! At least I have enough rebuys for hundreds of Eagles.... something tells me I am going to need them!
#1984 by myk.lewis
Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:34 am
The Beyond update came and went, added the overhaul to the Engineers, missions, planetary graphical improvements and more importantly, the Alliance Chieftain...


Plus for some strange and unexpected reason Susan bought me a HOTAS to use with the Xbox...


Other than that it's more of the same, but with added bugs (the good to shoot yet I have not kind) and bugs (the annoying game glitching ones). I intend to spend a lot of time with ED but it has been put on the backburner due to lack of quality game time and two other games demanding my attention when I spend time on the Xbox without Susan.
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