Myk’s Minecraft Mayhem

After the May 9th launch of Minecraft for the Xbox 360 many hours have been lost, never to see the light of day again (unless you are the type to mine upwards…). So what better way to celebrate the release of this game than a session…

But it’s not just a game of merrily building barns, castles or even 8bit computers – while fun, especially when some poor sod unwittingly unleashes a torrent of lava to ruin several hours of work, I thought stepping up a gear might spice things a bit.

I’m that kind and generous to you all… No really I am!

Yep, we’re going for hard mode – but not just any hard mode, this is please yourself hard mode. Normal etiquette is suspended, you can be as underhand and two faced as you want. Help your best mate to build his castle up only to sneakily place a cavern full of TNT under it, and wait until his fortress is surrounded before pressing the button!

Have your friends helped you with your mansion? Why not reward them with a night in your unlit dungeon…

Feeling anti social? Well strike out on your own, then when everyone else is busy with the undead horde, build tunnels under their defences and breach the hell out of them!

Of course you can still co-op and help out your friends – but are you really sure that they aren’t planning your demise? Paranoid yet?

Interested? well jump onto the forum and let me know when you are available.

– Myk

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