Project Spark Beta Xboxone

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I applied for a beta a while ago and got the E-mail a few weeks back with my beta code to take part so am waiting for the xboxone version to launch sometime this month. As its been running these past few weeks on Windows 8 PCs

To be honest am excited at  Project Spark which allows you to create game worlds and systems from an easy-to-use but vast selection of tools. Any creations already built on the game’s PC version will be accessible on Xboxone.  When it does come out later this year it will be on PC,Xbox360  and Xboxone formats.

With my children by my side hopefully we can put a few hours into creating something special as a family that’s why I applied for the Beta code. To see if with their imagination we can build and play something wonderful then again it depends on project sparks interface how easy to use it is.

So I will keep in touch when the beta finally goes live on xboxone and keeps yous up to date on progress and the developers won’t mind me recording it and uploading it to my youtube channel( find out if am allowed ) for all to see.

Wish me good luck.


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