Quick Review:Call of Duty:Ghosts

This is my first attempt on writing a review on a game so please go easy as I have never done this before.


I be honest am not a big COD fan maybe its a age thing with me I never bought Black Ops II didn’t think much of it. So I get Xboxone on release but again stay away from Ghosts until last week.
For another Blog am having trouble with two certain EA games and with Dead Rising 3 the only other game I have so been playing the Xbox360 to keep me ticking over.
My wife phones me while shopping and says ” What game do you want Ryse or Ghosts so I decided on Ghosts.
When I loaded the game first what struck me was the graphics there is a difference as I asked my brother in law as he has it for the 360 and he even noticed.
The part in Space is just beautiful while looking around its stunning and its only the start of the game.
Some levels are intense and keeps you on your feet and others feel that you been there before but in another cod game different scenario.
The story is like any other Call of Duty story bad guy ,search for bad guy and kill or capture bad guy and so on. I did enjoy the story and of course it leaves you knowing that it’s to be continued.
So thats a quick look at the story mode.
Had a go of Kill Confirmed and of course the campers were still there the map and game was still enjoyable.They still have the usual game modes search&destroy etc and new modes I think Cranked is a new mode which sees you to chain kills to stay alive and then there’s Hunted and Blitz Etc.
SafeGuard: Face the odds with hordes of enemies attack your team.
Extinction: This is zombies but with aliens instead and much harder.

So I have enjoyed going through the different modes some are fun to play others are not my cup of tea.
So after completing the game and trying the online modes my verdict is most gamers will enjoy the game and the multiplayer is the norm.
I will give Call of Duty Ghosts 7/10


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